8105 Mesa Drive, Austin, Texas 78759, United States

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Delaware Sub Shop

"The Place for Cheesesteaks"


Since 1980, the original  & Best  Philly Cheesesteak in Austin 

About Us

Quality Delicatessen Meats


Unlike our competition, we use the finest delicatessen meats available from Genoa salami to Prosciutto ham  and Ribeye steak for our famous Philly Cheesesteak.  Delaware Subs remains unparalleled in our quest to give you the best quality available, hence our trademark : " No Bologna Here".

Fresh Ingredients


Great taste doesn't happen  without  effort . We buy the best quality  local produce to insure all of our menu items use the freshest ingredients from our bread to our  mushrooms and peppers. The taste and flavor explodes in your mouth.

Jerry Sisemore's endorsement


The former University of Texas  college Hall of Fame great and All Pro tackle from the Philadelphia Eagles welcomes you to experience "No Bologna Here" at Delaware  Subs.


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Delaware Sub Shops Inc

8105 Mesa Drive, Austin, Texas 78759, United States

(512) 345-3816

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