Winter Evening Special on "Hot Subs"  BOGO w/ purchase of 2 drinks & 2 chips        6-8 p.m.

All subs made on your choice of Italian loaf, spinach or tomato basil wrap 7” SM 14" LG
Philly Cheesesteak 6.75 12.50
(Grilled Sliced Ribeye Steak, White American Cheese, Sautéed
Mushrooms & Onions, & Ketchup)
Grilled Chicken Cheesesteak 6.75 12.50
(Grilled Chicken Breast, White American Cheese, Sautéed Mushrooms
& Onions, & Oregano)
The Sizemore 9.00 16.95
(The Largest Cheesesteak with Double the Ribeye and the Cheese)
Grilled Vegetarian 6.00 11.25
(Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions, American & Provolone Cheese,
Marinara Sauce, & Oregano)
NEWDelaware Dog 6.25 11.75
(Grilled Mild  Italian Sausage,  Onions & Oregano)
Meatball 6.25 11.75
(Italian Meatballs, Provolone, Onions, & Oregano)
Italian Sausage (Fridays Only) 6.25 11.75
(Grilled Italian Sausage, Marinara Sauce, Provolone, Onions & Oregano)
Add Sweet/Hot Peppers to any sub .35 65


Delaware Subs offers a variety of hot and cold submarine sandwiches ranging from our Philly Cheesesteak to our Italian Gourmet Prosciutto.

Our large subs are 14" long and our small size is 7" long.

Our bread is made fresh daily. Also, any submarine can be made a wrap using our healthy spinach or tomato basil  wraps.

Taste our quality, quantity and size and find out why
there's "No Bologna Here" at Delaware Subs.

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All Party Trays  are15 % off thru December 31, 2016
 (Great  no hassle food for Office parties & Holiday festivities)


Daily Specials- (all Daily Specials are small  size )

Monday- Delaware Dog
Tuesday- Italian sub
Wednesday- Chicken Cheesesteak
Thursday- Philly Cheesesteak
Friday- Italian Sausage or Meatball
Saturday- Italian sub
(by popular demand) & Breakfast Cheesesteaks
Sunday- Philly Cheesesteak
(by popular demand)
  BOGO w/ 2 drinks & 2 chips purchase 

Daily Special 6.00
(small Sandwich of the Day)  
Daily Deal  7.95
(small Sandwich of the Day + Chips and 20 oz. Drink)  

Value Meal

Value Meal 3.95 
(Half a small sandwich with your choice of Deli Turkey, Ham, Meatball or Cheese Sandwich, Chips, and  can beverage).


Italian Subs

 All subs made with your choice of white, wheat, or spinach wrap 7” SM 14" LG
Delaware Classic 6.00 11.25
(Genoa Salami, Ham & Provolone)
Capicolla 6.25 11.75
(Capicolla Ham & Provolone)
Italian 6.95 12.50
(Genoa Salami, Capicolla Ham, Ham & Provolone)
Italian Gourmet 7.95 15.25
(Genoa Salami, Capicolla Ham, Prosciuttini Ham, Ham & Provolone)
Gourmet Prosciutto 8.50 16.50
(Our Italian Gourmet and Prosciutto Ham, Large Feeds 4-5 People)
NEWPauly Prosciutto 8.75 16.95
(Generous Mounds of Thinly Sliced Quality Italian Prosciutto Ham,
Large Feeds 4-5 People)


Other Cold Subs

Delaware Deluxe 7.95 15.25
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Deli Ham, Bacon & Provolone
Turkey Breast 7.50 14.50
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast & Provolone
Salami 6.25 11.75
Sliced Genoa Salami & Provolone
Ham 6.25 11.75
deli Ham & Provolone
Cheese 6.25 11.75
Provolone & White American Cheese
Add Bacon to any sub (per slice) .65 .65
Add Mushrooms to any sub .50 1.00
Add Hot/Sweet Peppers to any sub .35 .65


Breakfast Cheesesteak 2.95
Our famous ribeye steak & egg sandwich served with your choice
of grilled peppers with melted white American cheese
Italian Sausage and Egg 2.95
Grilled Italian sausage & egg served with your choice of grilled
peppers with melted white American cheese
Bacon & Egg 2.95
Grilled bacon & egg sandwich served with your choice of grilled
peppers with melted white American cheese
Italian Ham & Egg 2.95
Your choice of either our Capicolla ham or Prosciuttini ham
and egg served with your choice of grilled peppers with melted
white American cheese
Grilled Bell Pepper with Egg & Cheese 2.50
***Grilled mushrooms and onions on any above
breakfast sandwich add .50


Other Items

Can Coca Cola products                               120z. 1.25
Bottled Water 1.00
Chips 1.00
Soup (Nov. - Feb.) 2.95
Extra Salad Dressing .35
Extra Ribeye or Chicken 2.00
Extra Meat Slice .65
Extra Cheese Slice .65
Extra Egg

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